Happy earth day everybody - that is, if we can make the EPA strong again. Apparently Trump doesn't care if the air and water are clean; he only cares if he and his rich friends can make money off us.  So my suggestions are 1) Call or email all your representatives and tell them you want an EPA with muscle. 

2) Contact the head of the EPA and complain.  Here's the website of the EPA. https://www.epa.gov/aboutepa/about-office-administrator

Here's Scott Pruitt's phone number:   (202) 564-4700

3) Call or email any company you know and complain if they are dirtying up the environment.

Good luck!  I'm doing all the above, and more. :)



Gosh, a busy week.  Obamacare is apparently going bye-bye and thousands are gonna lose coverage.  Best course of action:  email or telephone the Senators and Congressmen of the 53 states who presently have expanded Medicaid and suggest they don't kill their constituents.  If you go to this link you'll see how bad it is.


Here are contacts for Senators:


And here are lists for Congresspersons:


So the big problems these days are; healthcare, of which we need Universal, not this TrumpNoCare, and the investigation into Russian interference in our election, and BTW where are Trump's taxes and when is he going to divest and stop receiving emoluments?  Is he heading for impeachment?  And of course the usual, as per our agenda.

So email and call as many of the above as you can and complain, especially those in the states who are going to lose Medicaid coverage; they are the most important ones to contact.

Other news; I'm having membership cards made up, and hope you all like them. :) Also, Frankie is gonna be our acting Secretary for the moment, and I asked her to look into T-shirts.  Should be a hoot.



Hello.  I have lived through many, many presidents.  I have seen Truman play piano, and have heard Nixon say "I am not a crook."

I was shocked when Reagan said "ketchup is a vegetable" and happy when he said "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" I have seen presidents with bad backs and extraordinarily vigorous sexual appetites; presidents who tried, who failed, who succeeded; but I have never seen a president (until now) whose main thrust seems to rely on the basest emotions of the public; a man who blames every problem and failure on others and takes credit for successes even when he doesn't deserve it.

This is the first time I have felt the need to get involved with saving my country, and so I have started The Practical Party.

Members will be notified when there is an action in which they can participate.  Recently we called and emailed various Senators and signed some petitions to have Sessions recuse himself, which he finally had to do.

We are presently discussing our next venture.  Until then, here are the basic tenets of our group:


If you want to join the party and give us a chance to save the real America, send us an email and we'll be glad to welcome you. 

Our email address is practicalpartywest@gmail.com.  It is NOT the same as the email list submission on the left, which is for redballoonrecords.com.  Thank you for your interest.



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