Gosh, a busy week.  Obamacare is apparently going bye-bye and thousands are gonna lose coverage.  Best course of action:  email or telephone the Senators and Congressmen of the 53 states who presently have expanded Medicaid and suggest they don't kill their constituents.  If you go to this link you'll see how bad it is.


Here are contacts for Senators:


And here are lists for Congresspersons:


So the big problems these days are; healthcare, of which we need Universal, not this TrumpNoCare, and the investigation into Russian interference in our election, and BTW where are Trump's taxes and when is he going to divest and stop receiving emoluments?  Is he heading for impeachment?  And of course the usual, as per our agenda.

Other news; I'm having membership cards made up, and hope you all like them. :)



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