Composer, Lyricist, Writer

Diane Bulgarelli - Composer, Lyricist, Writer

Diana Bulgarelli - Composer, Lyricist, Writer

The Beat Goes On

Once again, into the fray.  Well, actually, I never left the fray.

Right now I'm overseeing four or five different projects and I must say my life is definitely not dull!

I've loved music and writing since I was a little kid and as a result I've never been a slave to work; it was always too enjoyable!  So, as a result, I'm still romping about enjoying life - and producing work and ideas faster than a movie popcorn machine.

Last year I mastered Sibelius; this year, Logic; who knows, can Pro Tools be far behind? 

But for the moment, I'm writing and arranging and blogging and slogging and having a tun of big big fun! 

So, welcome to my site, and feel free to romp about - There are examples of music, a couple of contact pages, a blog - and even more!

Yours Always,

Diana B

Red Balloon Records

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