Composer, Lyricist, Writer

Diane Bulgarelli - Composer, Lyricist, Writer

Diana Bulgarelli - Composer, Lyricist, Writer

The Beat Goes On

     Here I am, still writing.  I'm not performing out because I've replaced live appearances with even more writing.  All the places are too far away in LA - in NYC you walk out your door and there's a club.  Here, you have drive so far it's a good idea to pack a lunch!

     Just now I'm working on a project with the fabulous Arthur Hamilton; I'm also whipping up a treatment for a project with Bruce Roberts. Besides music and lyrics, I've started writing text.  I'm working on a film script, if you can imagine that; I also have a few treatments and an outline for a two-person opera in the mix; ideas are coming faster than I can put them down on paper!  They go into the trunk and await development.

     Of course, I still enjoy producing music. I have Logic and quite excellent microphones, and also access to a Pro Tools studio with a great engineer.  Writing or co-writing  songs is always my first love.  Perhaps some new singers will find me.

     Once I prepare my projects, I float them out into the atmosphere and hope they fare well.  My new philosophy of life is "Compose or decompose!"  So, no matter what life throws at me, I get back into the mix; I hope you do so as well.  Remember:  "Keep keepin' on!"

     On the personal side, when I take a break, I play with Dixie, my little miniature schnauzer.  I bought her a radio controlled car, and of course she wants to kill it.  Her other joys are her daily chicken, naps, and long walks.  She guards me well both in and out of the house, and always seems to have a good time.  We should all enjoy our lives that much!

     So, all things considered, at this point my life is going well, and this is my motto: 




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